With the approval of the board of directors, the JR Design Group work plan in 2021 will be announced


In 2020, the design industry in China, the Asia-Pacific region and the world will be greatly impacted. The overseas market will be at a standstill, which will greatly shrink JR's business volume.But the Chinese market was a standout, growing 200%, boosting the company's overseas business.Therefore, according to the current situation, the head office makes plans to increase investment in the Chinese market, at the same time, explore overseas high-quality customers, strengthen the talent reserve, and expect the recovery and development of the overseas market in 2021.

(1) Strengthen technology investment in China and expand the recruitment of overseas outstanding personnel.

(2) Increase the training of Chinese designers and enhance the design ability in hospitals and elderly care.

(3) Strengthened by "Fine", "fine" and "BIM" design.

(4) Invest certain funds to expand patent application.

(5) The transformation of professional firms into "professional firms".

(6) We will improve our cooperation with the government, central enterprises and SOEs.

(7) Carry forward the "EPC" directional design and cooperation.

(8) Strive for "IPO" work of downstream construction enterprises.

(9) To achieve the work objectives and double goals set by the head office.


 With the approval of the board of directors, the work plan of JR design group in 2020 will be announced

In 2019, the plan formulated at the beginning of the year is basically completed, but the following aspects must be overcome and solved in 2020:

(1) Strengthen design internationalization, integration process and BIM work

(2) Global divisions of design processes should strengthen close cooperation

(3) Technical strength of the institute needs to be strengthened

(4) Cooperation in all processes of the hotel should be strengthened

(5) Strengthening the innovative power of Architectural Institute

(6) New materials Institute's 3G application is still insufficient

(7) Strengthen the recovery of accounts receivable

(8) The fourth tier talents need to be strengthened.

The work plan for 2020 is as follows:

(1) Overcome the deficiencies in 2019, increase investment in technological transformation and strive for performance improvement

(2) Promote IPO of mainland China branch

(3) Strengthen EPC and integration process of overseas projects

(4) Keep the world advanced level of hotel design, medical and health design, cultural and creative tourism design, planning and design

(5) Promote the implementation of the cooperation between colleges, universities and enterprises

(6) Preliminary construction of the campus civil engineering and preparatory work platform of JR School of architecture, National Kaohsiung University, Taiwan

(7) Promote the integration of central enterprise design institute and Jr

(8) In depth design of "fine, fine and chemical"

(9) Increase cooperation among government, listed enterprises and overseas institutions

(10) Shorten management thickness and increase management width

(11) Increase cost control and strive for financial balance

(12) Increase personnel training, run a new design mode, and establish a postdoctoral work platform

(13) Strengthen the technical strength of Landscape Institute

(14) highlight the implementation of "Star" project, strengthen media communication and publicity


 ?Approved by the board of directors, the work plan of Hong Kong Jr design group in 2019 will be announced


In 2018, we earnestly implemented the relevant work requirements of the board of directors and kept the design level at the forefront of the world, especially in the theme hotel, health care, theme tourism design, characteristic town, complex design and other aspects. However, there are still many outstanding problems, such as the cooperation of various branches, the fine design management of the construction site, and the new The use of materials and the design of energy conservation and environmental protection need to be improved; the specific work in 2019 will be further summarized based on the work in 2018:

(1) Increase the integration of production, learning and research

(2) Strengthen communication, cooperation and technical cooperation among branches

(3) Complete the process of "integration" design mechanism

(4) Vigorously use and develop the use of "Internet", especially the promotion of project meetings, project supervision, project improvement, implementation, management, etc

(5) Increase cooperation with the government and listed companies

(6) The thickness of designers forms a strong echelon relationship

(7) Change the organizational structure from "pyramid" to "flat"

(8) Maintain the leading position in the world of tourism real estate planning, health care and pension planning, hotel design, scenic area planning, complex and landmark architectural design

(9) Mechanism to complete project responsibility system

(10) Increase staff training and promote the form of "office"

(11) Emphasize the landing and typicality of the project and complete the design of several landmark buildings

(12) Carry out "refined" design and expand the strength of global cooperation

(13) Appropriate development of the company's own projects

(14) Prepare for a new branch


Approved by the board of directors of the general company, the JR design group work plan in 2018 is as follows.

Summary: in late January 2018, the annual meeting held on star plus slope on 2017 is China summary and reflection of the trend of economic development, the rapid growth of state prediction has become the past, labor costs increase, the market environment variation, competition, investment advantages in financial payment shall be strengthened, the more economic to Chinese the precise management, sustainable development. Hongkong JR design group should conform to the development of global and Chinese economy, and make the development direction of enterprises in 2018 on the basis of 2017, and make the following adjustment and continuous development, and formulate various economic indicators. 

The outline of the 2018 development outline is summarized as follows:

1. extension of the development program in 2017, sustained and firm development and promotion.

2. vigorously develop the project design general package, design integration; strive for the project design general package, the integrated design project reaches more than 50%. Select some key projects and carry on the influential projects.

3. strengthen the core competitiveness of the related professional market.

4. strengthen and integrate the core strength of the design of international brand hotels.

5. increase the layout of the JR Hong Kong Hong Kong School of education to make it preliminaryThe model of industrialization.

6. increase the core competitiveness of enterprises and make it an industry model that can not be replaced byother enterprises.

7. assists Hong Kong and Hong Kong on the market.

8. strengthen cooperation.

9. increase the proportion and strength of global market expansion.

10. try to change to production, learning, research, and setting up.

11. the implementation of project responsibility system.

12. increase the staff training system and implement the model of flexibility and cooperation.

13. fully implement the design of the international Brand Company.


Approved by the company board, the schedule of JR Design in 2017 is publicized as:


Summary: 2016 is a year for adjusting toward China economic development. The trend of fast development has past, and China economic development is becoming finer and more sustainable. Due to complying with the developments of the whole globe and China economy, JR Design Global Group Ltd. (HK) has adjusted its developing directions of 2017 to the following points. Meanwhile, JR Design Global Group Ltd. (HK) has completed the plans set in 2016 very well. The core competition and talent cultivation of each professional institute is basically formed and those institutes have shown the capacity of innovation. And each economic indicator set by the group had been completed well in 2016. The developing schema for 2017 is as following:


(1) To extend the developing schema set in 2016, and to develop in a sustainable and stable way.

(2) To strongly develop design administrations and integrated designs, and strive to complete more than 60% projects through design administrations and integrated designs. And sift out important and influencing projects to do.

(3) To carry out and strengthen the capacity and market competition of relevant design institutes.

(4) To strengthen and integrate the core design power of international brand hotels.

(5) To implement the layout and First day of school of HK JR& China- HK Henderson University, and make it in an initial industrial model.   

(6) To strengthen the core competition of enterprise, and establish an internationally incomparable industrial model.

(7) To complete “the two 100s”.

(8) To strengthen the advantages of JR attained by cooperation, win- win, mutual help and integration.

(9) To increase the proportion and strength of the global market exploration. 


Approved by the board of directors of the group, the 2016 JR design group work plan is as follows, to be announced:
Summary: the successful completion of the 2015 JR design group work plan. In particular has made breakthrough progress in health and pension, the travel planning, industrial park design aspects ranking the first seven of design industry, highlight the main industry, obviously.   also developed a number of high-level team!
However, due to the decline in China's economic growth, especially hotel construction investment decreased significantly, so hotel sector growth is not obvious, remained level in 2015; foreign business growth by the large environmental impact.
The work schedule for 2016 is as follows:
(1)  strive to  maintaining the basis of prominent main business, develop multiple channels,  push the Hong Kong Henderson, Yidao landscape to listing platform.
(2) increase efforts to establish "Internet plus designer" and "education training base".
(3) the introduction of capital market rules to expand the market share at home and abroad.
(4) reinforce the "health and pension design", "the travel planning and design", "hotel design", "landscape design" and "commercial design" and a few big production , and strive to push the capital market within five years.
(5) strengthen and relevant national government departments, famous enterprises, colleges and universities, undertake the "The Belt and Road" project, and strive to take the 5-8 national or foreign large design projects.
(6) acquisition of a Class-A design institute, transform it into construction planning and Research Institute for The Belt and Road project .
(7) strengthen the third echelon personnel training, establish and improve the mechanism of cooperation in Colleges and universities, to carry out the global tour exhibition.
(8) be pragmatic,low-key,strive for better on the basis of 2015,performance increased by more than 40%!


Group approval of the board of directors, the 2015 JR design group work is summarized as follows, make an announcement.

Summary: 2014 basically completed the indicators set at the beginning of the year, especially in large projects and famous brand project do very in place! Also has obtained the certain social and economic benefits, at the same time, some project on the CCTV news network broadcast, the epoch-making significance of unprecedented in the design industry. In addition, the hoteldesign is also set up his own project of the international brand, the formation of a good extensive effect. In 2014 have been designed and completed the opening of the five star brand and themedhotel 10. Completed more than 1000 acres of the planning, construction project 11, more than 5000 acres of planning construction 8, assume the national project 4, has achieved goodreputation and demonstration, landscape design has got great development,Talent has initially formed a cascade development. Planning, architectural design, hotel and still maintain the advanced level in the world.

However, in 2014 there are many not perfect, not perfect place, the hope can be overcome in 2015.

Planning: 2015 work summary:

(1) strengthen the health endowment, anti-aging and tourism industry of small cities and towns,the old aspects of architecture, planning and design further. Design more demonstration Industrial Park and the establishment of health nursing academic and research institutions, theChinese and foreign most advanced, the most mature concept into china.

(2) the formation of some of the more mature, the product system design features, especially thementioned products national five year plan.

(3) still keep the design level of the leading position in the world, the strengthening design ofexisting international brand gold content, create its own set of design patterns, and guide thedesign industry forward.

(4) in the appropriate time, completed the layout in China and professional college or training institutions, combined with Hilton, intercontinental, Starwood, banyan tree, Amman brandcooperation in running schools, training of new talent.

(5) the hotel design increases to the boutique, international brands and a handful of audienceand benchmarking into brand hotel.

(6) increase the internal personnel optimization, the introduction of more advanced design management mode.

(7) to create a new economic growth point of the design industry.

(8) more pragmatic, low-key, do a solid job design work, increase the social and economic benefits of double harvest.


Approved by the board of directors of the group in 2014, JR design group work outlined below, will this announcement:

1. Intensify efforts to cooperate with the government planning construction of small towns, so as to meet the design discharge of 1000 square meters, to make more than three stars in the planning area;

2. Cooperate with the international line hotel brand management company, strive to do twenty or so five-star hotel interior design;3. Try to landscape design into the world top ten enterprise;

4. Cultivate the designer team, especially the third echelon of the designer;

5. Keep the building, planning, interior design in a leading position in the world;

6. The introduction of advanced management concept, to promote the three-level training and management mechanism, efforts to achieve research, academic and practical design company.


Upon the approval of the group, the shareholders meeting, JR group company authorized by the board of directors of JR 2013 summary of work is as follows:

Keep JR 2012 design companies, on the basis of basic principle remains the same, mainly to increase the following:

1. Strengthen the design of the company, Singapore and Hong Kong companies in the United States investment and talent resources exchange, training a group of senior designer team;2. Increase the commercial design of interior and architectural planning, integration and training personnel to get to part quality resource maximum; 3. Try to approach a group of high quality, have social influence of the project, for listed companies to do the last; 4. To ensure the success of the listed in 2013;5. The investment company of shenzhen, send a batch of high-quality foreign designers to work deeply, the design level of domestic industries;6. Keep alive ? JR design group


Upon the approval of the group, the shareholders meeting, JR group planning in 2012 are as follows

1. Hong Kong JR design company

Delay back 2011 JR design company on the basis of the basic principle remains the same, highlight the following points

A. do last roadshow for JR company went public in 2013;B. increasing continent, Asia, Europe market

C. from the simple design company to research company;D. increase the cultivation of reserve forces, and improve the welfare of the employees, transmission part of the employee to study JR, European companies work.

E. strongly support of xi 'an, Harbin, shenyang office;F. for acquisitions or mergers in Europe a world-class design institutes or si cultivation of reserve forces;G. comprehensive creation "low-key, practical, effective, innovation" the brand new working mode.;H. to get commercial design, the construction plan for the created ?


Upon the approval of the group, the shareholders meeting, JR group 2011 development plan is as follows:

1.JR design company

The design of the mainland market promotion and publicity, gradually increase the Shanghai office, and reorganized to a design company, Beijing office at the same time, strengthen the design of commercial real estate promotion. Strengthen the cultivation of well-known hospital building design professional students, the design of the culture of the world's top companies.2.foreign markets: strengthen the design of famous hotel.

3.talents training: sustainable development, continuation of the talents training goal of 2010 remains the same.


Upon the approval of the review group, the shareholders meeting, JR hotel group development plan in 2010 are as follows:

1. JR hotel design company

09 a good development trend, on the basis of based on Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the mainland, to expand the Middle East, west Asia and north, suretyship contract up 30% than last year and the total optimization designer team, learn more and more excellent designers at home and abroad to join us. Consolidate the standardization, collectivization and internationalization. The right time, as the appropriate project investment.

2. Personnel training, and sustainable development

(1) increasing designers, professional managers, engineers and executives training efforts, with excellent foreign design companies, management companies and institutions for talent exchange, training and cooperation. At the right time to build their own training base in foreign countries


Upon the approval of the group, the shareholders meeting, JR hotel institute 09 year development plan is as follows:

1. JR hotel design company

The collectivization development, standardization and internationalization, to enter the top eight world hotel design industry;The design of domestic big enterprise.


Upon the approval of the group, the shareholders meeting, JR, 08 hotel institutions development plan outline is as follows:

1. JR 08 hotel design company focus on developing markets such as Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, chongqing municipality directly under the central government. Timely to Europe and the United States and other regions.

Established in Australia, France and other countries of the design point. Complete and French company cooperation.

2. Training

(1) increasing designers, hotel management professional managers, engineering consultant engineer to cooperate with Europe and the United States and some other units from each other

And communication

(2) to absorb graduates, to foster. To reserve


Approved by the board of directors of the group organization, JR design company 7 years development plan is as follows:

1. 07 JR hotel design company strive to complete the design and construction of three - four five-star hotels guidance task. In east China, central China, north China regions such as Shanghai, Beijing's real estate industry, academia and government circles following last year's good grades, get higher praise.

2. JR group will strengthen personnel training in '07, will develop in this year a group of professional hotel design aspects of top talent, losing to the group design company. To further improve the professional and cooperative group as a whole.

3. JR group will continue to develop the overseas market development and progress.


Group recently launched various operation, carried out in henan xinyang real estate development, a total enclosure 50 mu, for the construction of high-grade residential and office buildings, group of diversified development, more conducive to convergence with international group, to become the world's well-known enterprises.Low group decided to Beijing, tianjin and other regions.











































      2018年度認真執行董事會的相關工作要求,保持了設計水平仍處于世界前列,特別是在主題酒店,康養,主題旅游設計,特色小鎮,綜合體設計等方面取得了驕人戰績,但仍存在許多比較突出的問題,例如,各分公司的協作方面,工地施工現場的精細化設計管理,對新材料的運用,節能環保設計方面均需提高; 2019年的具體工作在延續2018年的工作基礎上,作進一步概述如下:






















4. 加強和整合國際品牌酒店的設計核心力量。












總結:2016年是中國經濟發展的調整之年,高速增長的態式已成過去式,中國的經濟更向精細化、可持續化發展。香港JR設計集團順應全球和中國經濟的發展,將2017年的企業發展方向作如下調整和持續發展; 同時,香港JR設計集團很好地完成了2016年制定的計劃,特別是在各專業設計所在核心競爭力和人才培養方向,已基本成形并表現較強的創新能力。同時,2016年也較好完成集團制定的各項經濟指標。2017年發展綱要概述如下:

(1) 延伸2016年制定的發展綱要,持續、堅定的發展和推進。

(2) 大力發展項目設計總包,設計一體化;力爭項目設計總包,一體化設計項目達60%以上。篩選部分重點項目,有影響力的項目承接.

(3) 落實并壯大相關專業設計所的實力和市場核心競爭力。

(4) 加強和整合國際品牌酒店的設計核心力量。

(5) 落實香港JR及中港恒基教育學院的布局和教育工作,使之初步具產業化模式。

(6) 加大企業核心競爭力,使之具有國際企業不可取代的產業模式。

(7) 完成集團制訂的“兩個100”的既定目標,輔佐中港恒基上市.

(8) 加強合作、共贏、互助、整合的平臺,形成的JR自己的優勢。

(9) 加大全球市場拓展的比例和力度.


(1)力爭在保持主業突出的基礎上,多渠道發展, 把中港恒基,易到景觀推上上市掛牌平臺。























































  保持09年良好的發展趨勢的基礎上,立足香港、澳門、臺灣及大陸,拓展中東、西亞及北市  場,保證合同總額比09年提升30%,優化設計師隊伍,吸取更多、更優秀的海內外設計師加盟。鞏固標準化、集團化、國際化進程。合適的時候,作適當的項目投資。





























● 集團決定向北京、天津等地區發展。