Method of Cooperation

Approaches to Cooperate:

Establishment of Project—Research—Cooperation Program Design—Structure Design—Interior Design—Construction—Project Consult—Inspection—Followup

(JR does not participate any forms of public bidding projects)

Details as follows:

1. Clients can get the information of JR Design Global Group Ltd.(HK) from JR’s website. Before you contact JR’s consultants through phone or email, please get the project details ready as follows:

A: Company’s info: Name, Brief Introduction and Website

B: Project Info: location, environment, floor space, blueprint, client and government’s requirement or planning report, present design fee and investment budget

C: Service Request: service details, service method, service time

D: Contact Information: contact person’s name, cell phone number, company’s phone number, email address

Our professional designer will look into you case within 1-2 business days. (We will contact you in the following 2 business days)

2.  Our company’s designer will contact you as soon as possible according to the info that you provided to get more details and give suggestion on service, do field survey on both parties , and then negotiate the design concept, discuss the design fee and make a contract.

3.  Confirm the contracted project and fee, and prepare an official contract.

4.  Sign the contract.

5.  After receiving the down payment (usually it is no more than 30% of the entire design fee), clients provide architecture plan or structure print in electronic form, JR will start to design as contracted schedule.



( JR Design Global Group Ltd.(HK) 不參加任何形式的公開招投標。)


1. 客戶可根據 JR Design Global Group Ltd.(HK) 網頁上的聯系方式致電或者EMAIL聯系 JR Design Global Group Ltd.(HK),請準備以下相關資料:






4. 簽訂合同

5. 在收到首期款(一般不少于總設計費用30%)后由甲方提供建筑規劃或結構圖之電子檔公司按照合同時間安排,進行設計